Friday, December 19, 2008

what it means to be a sensitive guy...with a guitar...

TOMORROW'S THE BIG DAY!! Plus... a Christmas Song Expose

Hey guys,

Well, tomorrow's the big day, and I can't wait. We have a couple of great surprises for you, and Reggie See, Jon Fritz Lagua and a few of their sensitive fellows are going to open up the night.

By show time tomorrow, them Jersey roads should be clear, so dress warmly. I suggest wearing cocoa mitts. It's really just two giant muggs of hot chocolate that you dip your hands in. It sounds weird... but your hands stay really toasty... and scalded. Hope to see you tomorrow!

December 20, 2008

PJ's Coffee
5PM - 9PM
Show starts 5:30!
315 Raritan Ave
Highland Park
, NJ

(732) 828-2323


Since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought it might also be worth posting a little bit of an expose on a classic holiday song that's well... not so sensitive... let's go for it :).

Baby, It's Cold Outside
I simply can't stay (But baby it's cold outside)...

And so starts a light hearted jazz standard, that has enthralled the hearts of millions, including mine. But let's put this in perspective. Here is a lady trying to get home after a nice date, and the guy in the song is trying to get her to stay... in his residence... to drink and smoke.

This is typical game ladies, so watch out! If you're ever in the 1940s in the Winter and being romanced by a gent, he'll try several approaches to keep you at his Art Deco inspired flat. He'll appeal to your rational side by talking about how cold it is as well as your inquisitive side with references to pneumnoia. AND THEN he'll try to seal the deal with compliments on the magnificence that is your body. SG Archetype John Mayer (pre Heavier Things) was right... your body IS a wonderland, and with the weather, he's trying to make it a Winter one. Keep it snow angely though.

Now the naysayer may say nay by noting that the male is clearly just trying to keep her safe... but let's look at some key phrases, starting with the prechoruses:

My mother will start to worry - Beautiful, what's your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor - Listen to the fireplace roar
So really I'd better scurry - Beautiful, please don't hurry
My sister will be suspicious - Man, your lips look so delicious
My brother will be there at the door - Waves upon a tropical shore
My maiden aunt's mind is vicious - Gosh your lips look delicious

Here is the woman clearly stating that her family will be concerned... and here's the guy with only one thing on his mind. As a guy--more importantly, an SG-- I can openly say that he's thinking with the wrong head ladies...

I'm sure the mother's already dialed 9-1 , her father's pacing the floor with a shotgun, the brother's at the door with a sniper rifle, the sister's donned brass knuckles, and the maiden aunt is using telekenesis to send mind bullets.

Let's be real... her family probably looks like this:

But he doesn't care... apparently he's spiking her lime rickey:

The neighbors might think - Baby, it's bad out there
Say, what's in this drink - No cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how - Your eyes are like starlight now
To break this spell - I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell

Other than I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, this has got to be amongst the most non-SG songs for the holidays. If this man were truly an SG the lyrics would have gone like this:

I really can't stay - Yes darling (never baby--she's a woman. Not a child) it's cold outside.
I've got to go away - Ok let me grab your coat and I'll warm up the Cadillac Fleetwood
This evening has been - So very nice
So very nice - Wow I love how it's like we can finish eachother's sentences...

And thus ends my rant. Just to clarify... I'm completely kidding, and I actually love this song. I think it's clever, flirty, and lyrically genius. I do stand by the thought that this guy is laying the game on so thick you could stock a toy store aisle with the woo he flings, but let's be real-- this is the 1940's... he was probably getting her to stay for a night of hand holding.

At least I'd like to hope.

Here's a great video of the song:

And that's it from me... til tomorrow!

Stay Sensitive,


Monday, December 15, 2008

Argyle Hunting with Wonder Marq

Still on a sensitive high after a successful and memorable premiere of SGWG NYC edition #1, I decided to embark on the sensitive guy's favorite past time...argyle hunting.
I remembered seeing an argyle hoodie at Express that I wanted to get for the show, but didn't have time to, so I went to see if it was still on sale....

What?!?! An ADDITIONAL 20% off?!?!

Seriously guys, my head almost exploded into pieces of argyle.

And then my friend Rex was like "Yo, the manager is giving out these cards for another 20% off!"

"What?!? So that's a total of an additional 40% off!?!?!"

And then it happened..

I couldn't believe it either, but it really happened. In argyle flower grew from my head in a matter of seconds. All it took was a magical drop of 100% pure sensitivity.

So I ended up buying 2 argyle sweaters and 3 pairs of argyle socks which would've cost me a little bit over $200, but with the discount came out to only $80!

What's a Sensitive Pirate's favorite type of clothing? Yup, you guessed it...

What's Bruce Lee's favorite drink?


Arlo the Sensitive Sock Puppet!

So check out the holiday sale at Express before it's over! Christmas is only 9 days away! Time is sensitive.

See ya Saturday!

Your Sensitive Guy,

Wonder Marq

SG's starring in HSM3???

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post by Ashley Clack

Saturday, December 13, 2008


(from LtoR: Ashley Clack, John-Flor, Danny Katz, Jay Legaspi, John Violago, & Marq Romero.)this was a photo taken by Stephen Chhouth aka a new friend i made tonight at our NYC venue and the launch of SGWG's.  it was a spectacular evening of talent, friends, family, & sensitivity.  the room was sold out/standing room only... WHAT, WHAT?!!  we achieved our goal of spreading the sensitivity through our New York audience and raised a great deal of money for our charities :) i don't know the exact amount... but it's baller status "S-G-UNIT!!" hahaha!!  THANK YOU once again to all that came out.  good luck to all the college students on any last final exams they have to take, and if you enjoyed tonight(who wouldn't of?? psssssh!!) COME OUT & TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT our next venue the SG's will be stopping by...

December 20, 2008
PJ's Coffee
315 Raritan Ave
Highland Park, NJ

opening act: Reggie See(&friends.)

Ashley Clack
(Sensitive Gal... learning the ukulele from John-Flor. hehe.)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey all,

Just wanted to post the show details again.

Silk Road Cafe
30 Mott St.
Chinatown, NYC
Doors open at 7PM

Click here for a map of the where the venue is.

A little note about the venue. It is a small cozy spot in Chinatown, so if you'd like a seat please get there sooner than later. The show will start at 7:30, but the doors open at 7... and we're going to do our best to run on time.

We hope you guys all come through! Again, were donating to both GILAS and JDRF, so your support leads to the support of 2 great causes. Your watching us would make us so sensitively happy. :)